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“Towards the end of the fifties, Nitsch experienced the death of language, its reduction to mere forms deprived of direct reality. His first actions in the sixties were formulated from a desire to make the spectator live directly, to make … Continue reading

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Notes from ART IN THE DARK by Thomas McEvilley

“This involves a presupposition that art is not a set of objects but an attitude toward objects, or a cognitive stance (as Oscar Wilde suggested, not a thing, but a way.) If one were to adopt such a stance to … Continue reading

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Hermann Nitsch: Ritual, Architecture

RITUAL “Nitsch has succeeded from his first Abreaktionsspiel (scream and noise event) to unleash our most primal fears and aspirations through an Aktion as carefully structured as any ritual which society created. Psychic reactions to blood and entrails are subsumed … Continue reading

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