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1. THE PERFECT MOMENT         2. THE MOMENT IS SPHERICAL         3. THE PHILOSOPHY OF QUESTION         4. Q IS POINT         5.         6. … Continue reading

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On Friday night my friend Jarett read as part of San Francisco’s Quiet Lightning reading series. This event in itself is not unprecedented, but what had me excited, and what had him calling me two months ahead of time to … Continue reading

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Notes from ART IN THE DARK by Thomas McEvilley

“This involves a presupposition that art is not a set of objects but an attitude toward objects, or a cognitive stance (as Oscar Wilde suggested, not a thing, but a way.) If one were to adopt such a stance to … Continue reading

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Art Party 2: The One With the Books

A) Pierre Huyghes Aquarium Project for DIS Magazine sets out to establish fish tanks as environmental narratives, using color, tone, and life-as-character. It’s just a sort of ‘sketch,’ basically, but it’s pretty astounding. I like the idea of narrative interior … Continue reading

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Today I read the Weisse Folter catalog for Gregor Schneider’s show at K21 in 2007. I’ve been a fan of Schneider since I found out about him my freshman year of college, and it’s been kind of amazing to follow … Continue reading

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It is the 11th day of 2011 and, so far, I haven’t made a single 2k11 post here. I will blame part of this on being depressed because central Illinois’s winters are fucking dismal and lead to rampant alcoholism, but … Continue reading

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