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Inaccessible Voids

He described the house he wanted in psychological terms. He said, “I want a house that when I am inside I feel like I am looking at the world from the outside, and when I am outside the house it … Continue reading

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Peter Eisenman’s Architecture Degree Zero

I spent most of yesterday and some of today reading Peter Eisenman’s Houses of Cards. I didn’t really know anything about Eisenman, and to be honest I got the book from the library because I saw a picture of the … Continue reading

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Lebbeus Woods on Experimentalism

I like this: In defining experimental architecture, Woods has also identified what he considers to be the particular characteristics of the “experimentalist”: among others, independence; a tolerance for isolation; an internal motivation that one could say amounts to a kind … Continue reading

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the House & the Uncanny

“This connection of the invisible inner part of the skènè-building with the underworld, is revealed by the word ‘Hades’ itself. The Greeks wrote Hades also as ‘Aïdes’, that can be derived from the verb ‘a-idein': ‘not to see’. Hades then … Continue reading

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