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2013 Screening Log

202 total. T = watched in theater, DP = digitally projected either at Coco’s, Dean’s studio, or Konrad’s. I’ve written about some of these various places. Obviously I completely lost my habit of taking notes on whatever I watched, but … Continue reading

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On Friday night my friend Jarett read as part of San Francisco’s Quiet Lightning reading series. This event in itself is not unprecedented, but what had me excited, and what had him calling me two months ahead of time to … Continue reading

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Paul Sharits & The Metaphysics of Material Film

“I wish to abandon imitation and illusion and enter directly into the higher drama of: celluloid, two dimensional strips; individual rectangular frames; the nature of sprockets and emulsion; projector operations; the three dimensional reflective screen surface; the retinal screen; optic … Continue reading

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I requested this article through interlibrary loan, and the PDF they sent me was almost impossible to read, so I retyped the whole thing for posterity. I thought I would post it here. From ARTLINK, Volume 10 No 4 Summer … Continue reading

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Inaccessible Voids

He described the house he wanted in psychological terms. He said, “I want a house that when I am inside I feel like I am looking at the world from the outside, and when I am outside the house it … Continue reading

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Christa Blümlinger on Tscherkassky

My current fiction project finds me writing about film, and I have found much to be inspired by in Christa Blümlinger’s analysis of Peter Tscherkassky’s Outer Space, itself a masterpiece of the medium. (all emphasis mine) “The face, and all … Continue reading

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