Kind of just want to type out the lyrics to Ke$ha’s TIK TOK here, even though I have listened to her new EP a lot more than I’ve listened to any of ANIMAL, and I definitely like the new EP better than ANIMAL, even though TIK TOK & PARTY AT A RICH DUDE’S HOUSE are definitely amazing songs. Whatever.

I am trying to avoid the dregs of winter depression/S.A.D. by focusing on the fact that in 19 days I will be in San Francisco spending a week with a completely fucking amazing dude. The only problem with this is that within those 19 days includes probably 3 or 4 days spent at my parents’s terrible house & “the Christmas holiday” and I hate Christmas music because I worked in retail for something like 8 years. WordPress why are you telling me that “parents’s” is grammatically incorrect I am pretty sure you are wrong how else will I show that my 2x parents possess the house that I am uncomfortable in.

The other day I start looking at boots online because I was restless and I want new boots but the only boots I found in the limited time I spent looking were Rick Owens boots that are retardedly expensive because they are High Fashion or whatever. I then stopped because actually trying to throw myself into ideas of fashion is both boring and depressing, augh.

I am currently reading Klaus Kinski’s autobiography All I Need Is Love and it is glorious, fully entertaining and oddly stylistically captivating as well. Kinski jumps from event to event to banal memory in the text without any desire to actually transition in a developed way, it is refreshing, it is kind of just like a list. I don’t even care if half the shit is made up, who knows, it is definitely something worth reading.

I have spent most of today looking at graphic design online, which was following by requesting too many books from Inter-Library Loan, which was following by checking out too many books from the library I work at. I am apparently thinking in form/structure even more than normal. I should make a new website or something this weekend, who knows. Need to write, really. The two text-based project I’m in the midst of right now are HOTEL & my much neglected collaboration with Mitch Patrick. Should theoretically be reading the slush pile for the next LIES/ISLE too, but we don’t have that many submissions at the moment so I will save that for next month. Secret project too, but we’re early enough into it that I don’t have to dedicate much thought (yet).

In other news, I do a daily video diary on facebook. It’s fun.

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