It’s my birthday soon. I turn 27 which I like because it’s a cube. I’ve been kind of depressed lately, but in weird ways I guess. I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to start blogging again, more casually, on an actual blog. I like Bett’s motivating force of blogging daily, no matter what. Seems like a very good focus. I installed the WordPress app on my phone, but my server is fucked up and the way I upload images to this blog is problematic, and since I mostly hate typing anything on my phone (and would probably just be posting photos to here from it), seems unlikely I will be using the app that often.

Anyway. I had really intense dreams last night. Heavy architecture, fantastic. Labyrinthine, always. Architecture in the Real World is rarely anything but disappointing. Tunnels, wandering. Here’s what I clunked out into notepad this morning, typos & all for the sake of posterity:

first dream involved there beying a gay spa at the library, primarily men, i took annalise to it, there was some committee meeting happening while i was in the hot tub, went to leave and put on my shoes, ended up in some weird control panel run by asians with tiny dogs monitoring the whole event. back at home i still had no food to eat, listened to the audio of second rate disco porn on my laptop, didn’t want to watch it because i feared getting a hard-on while pooping

second dream i was skating, on nice leather roller skates, in a seemingly abandoned house–which was huge. set back off the street by about 20-30 feet, there was a path leading to the place, and i somehow had received access. i told someone that he should shoot his movie there but then neglected to give him the information. i was skating and it was amazing, huge walls, multiple levels, sloping walls even, and then a construction worker showed up to work on it and i was like “oh i’m just skating, do you mind if i keep skating?” and he was like “of course not,”–and as it seemed like they were only working on the front part of the structure, this was no problematic. i kept skating and sufficiently enjoying myself, until i skated into parts of the house that had new objects where formerly there was only empty space, i skated more until i realized that i was in a larger house that a family had just started to move into, that the abandoned house/shack thing connected, via a system of tunnels that had the size and shape of normal rooms, to a larger house that people were actually moving into. i managed to avoid running into people until a child saw me, laughed, and i tried to get back to the abandoned part of the structure as quickly as possible, confused that i was only encountering spaces i had never before seen.

So busy lately. Making a zine/chapbook a month that you not only have to write, but also design, layout, print & assemble takes far more time than one would expect (go figure).

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