On days when I spend a lot of money, like today, I feel like my face is sliding off. I have decided that it is a necessity for me to update this, my ‘public blog,’ more often, because all of my favorite living authors maybe have blogs, and one day I think I would feel accomplished if someone were to say “He is my favorite living author,” and the “he” would be referring to me.

I bought a new router for $110 with a credit card I shouldn’t even have and my internet connection is still terrible.

I am active all over the internet but I will be active here where I can build a PUBLIC PERSONA that people are interested in so I can slowly work towards my goal of “existing without having to work at a job yet making enough money to live by some definition of comfortably while still making art and shit.” I will cultivate cultivate cultivate.

Here internet, here are some things that are happening:

I have things forthcoming in:
-Artifice Issue 02
-PANK Special Queer Issue
-No Colony 03

Exciting, I think. I write much slower lately, maybe I will finish a story soon and I will submit it to somewhere else.

I have been thinking a lot about objects and what objects can do when, in text, they move beyond the state of “an image” and into the level of an “object” while still existing solely as text. I am still not sure what I’m doing most of the time.

I did not read anything today other than submissions for LIES/ISLE.

I am now going to bed.

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