I just asked my boss if he was yelling at me with his mind, he said he wasn’t.

I am currently trying to write some text for this ergodic piece I’m working on for the next LIES/ISLE, I am going back and forth between the tab I have google documents open in, a book on my desk called SATANISM TODAY opened to an entry on “Leviathan” that I haven’t finished yet, an article from the journal SubStance entitled “The Architecture of Absence Through Metaphor” by Mark Irwin (thanks JSTOR), and excerpts of Johannes Goransson’s Dear Ra that I will probably end up buying from amazon instead of SPD because saving four dollars will actually be helpful/apparently the “fiction sale” does not apply to this book which is annoying because I hate it when something makes me have to discriminate between poetry and fiction because what-EVER I mean good fiction generally reads like poetry 50% of the time amirite.

I have been dedicating a lot of brainspace to the redesign of my “portfolio website” and the design of the next issue of LIES/ISLE. The latter I have mentally plotted, the former I want to look like hip design circa 2002 before the internet became almost exclusively a marketing tool. But I need to get better at Adobe Illustrator and 3D Studio Max for that, I think.

I have a very large to do list I wrote on a giant piece of foam-core I found in the garbage outside of my apartment. I wanted it to loom over me but I couldn’t actually find a place in my bedroom where it would fit & be visible, so now it is behind black fabric curtains and I don’t even see it every day.

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