In list form.

  • I have spent most of this morning reading my Google Reader feed. I am “sort of” caught up on most of the 50+ blogs that I “follow.” I feel weird, like I should have maybe been reading one of the six books in my backpack instead.
  • My desk is freezing. I drank a “venti” iced-americano from Starbucks and now I’m really jittery. But still cold.
  • Araina Reines’s blog reminded me that After Dark is a completely terrific magazine and I made the periodicals people go grab me all the volumes we have (which is just 4 years worth, three volumes). This magazine is wonderful but it’s also maybe making me lonely.
  • I think I just can’t must enough to care about current pop culture, which is why that sort of ‘brand’ of contemporary theory, that is probably actually really great and engaging and intelligent, falls on completely deaf ears. It’s also possibly why I haven’t bothered reading Zizek. I’m not sure, I just have this idea that that’s alot of Zizek’s praxis. I could be wrong, because like I said, I haven’t read Zizek. I have a book by him about Lacanian Theory through Hitchcock’s films, or something. I could probably read that.
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