The opening pages of Apart From introduce a myth in which the body of a man is challenged by the penetration of a new wound. This penetration creates a space for the attendent positioning of the impossible. This myth carries a hold over the text that follows, as absent others comment upon, remember, or forget the myth that has been perpetuated, whether by secret conversation in bars or through the hushed silence of anonymous hookups. Somewhere else, Igitur descends the steps to the tombs of his ancestors. A chorus of voices perpetuate a dizzying retelling until the book shifts into its third movement where a first-person "I" can speak to the night as it presents itself. Pushing towards a radical sense of the outside, Apart From is an enigmatic work of queer intensity.

Published by Solar Luxuriance on November 24th, 2014 in an edition fo 100 copies.

"I just read M Kitchell's Apart From. It's very good. I don't know anyone who writes the intersection of queerness, desire and space like M. And the way he utilizes his visual gifts for layout and design always heightens his texts' affect. This one introduces some elements of geometry, ecology and myth, and at times almost reads like a devotional, working its way toward some new cosmology and relationship between bodies, between self and other, beyond my reach or comprehension."
—Tim Jones-Yelvington

"Spare and haunting, this is an open text that introduces its terms, then revolves about them in increasing abstraction. First, a myth is constructed, occult-erotic and powerful, in direct account. When it is returned to, it's at a greater remove, breaking down into parts and recurring images, dissolving its initial sense of physical reality even as archetypal elegance and symbolic persistence swells through reiteration. Invites the further reiteration of immediate re-reading. Also note the gorgeous design and photographic interludes: not illustration exactly, but thematic/atmospheric resonance."
—Nate D

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