Narrative hybrid constructed out of a sequenced series of images: the forest. Prose-like blocks alternate with the sparseness of a text that is incapable of communicating the impossible non-knowledge that experience acquires. Inside: the man gets lost in the forest / the man's concept of self dissolves into the night / the man encounters the ritual of the loggers (the men line up and cover one another's eyes) / the man recovers from his death, a stone speaks as GOD / the worm, the hole, the day.

Privately published by Void Editions in two seperate editions, January and May of 2015.

"M. Kitchell has a way of taking any landscape and dragging out unseen conceptual / narrative viscera. Or here, vital thickets and eerie groves. I love place as protagonist in this manner, though we do have a protagonist, wandering lost through forested lands, on kind of overnight odyssey of self-renewal."
—Nate D

To view a facsimile of the second printing of Forest Wound, click here.