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Research in the direction of the corps/text. Necessary practice. Luring the void. There is more that may or may not be worth digging up.

Spiritual Instrument, 2015
Slow Slidings, 2013
2nd Prelude to the Disappearance, 2016
Further Beneath the Earth, 2014
Fragmentary Description of a Disaster, 2014
The Final Abdication of Elisa Lam, 2014
The Dour Rectum, 2013
Memoir: Death Spasm of the Sun, 2013
Throw Yourself Out..., 2012
The Abyss is the Foundation of the Possible, 2011
System of Interrelated Styles, 2009
Not Falling Down, 2009
I Never Knew Doctors Cried, 2009
The Bambi Woods Enigma, 2007
Sigillum Midwest, 2005-2011