Topology of the Impossible
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Sacrificial Object (2023)

A "re-imagining" of Bataille's pivotal Madame Edwarda queered towards the float. Quintessential M Kitchell fiction probing the ideas of sexuality, performance, and the outside. Oversized.


Motive (2023)

"An exegesis of a practice," an essay exploring how writing and acrobatics tread the same territory in my hunt for the outside.


Engima Strategy + Insitute Archive (2022)

Chapbook archiving no-longer-extant twitter account plus the full book, released by Inside the Castle in 2022. Book alone is also available from Asterism.


Outplace by Lital Khaikin (2017)

Last remaining copies of Solar Luxuriance stock. Details here. Add-on to your order of another book for $5, or buy it on its own for $10.

Curated Rare Books

Ingratitude by Peter Sotos


The Sin of the Book - Edmond Jabes, ed. by Eric Gould


Questioning Edmond Jabes by Warren F. Motte


From the Desert to the Book by Edmond Jabes


The Monk by Antonin Artaud


Mezza Voce by Anne-Marie Albiach (French edition)