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Institutional Scissiparity (December, 2023)

A new chapbook featuring an original story and photographs. The work was written after I had a dream of hidden flora in an underground cave while In the waking world I was immersed in a study of the work of Carol Christian Poell. I was particularly taken by descriptions left by forum user "runner," which extrapolated the work of Poell in a way that felt simultaneously esoteric and also fully graspable to my sensibilities. This insistent aura is what I hold on to in his work, and what I hope to communicate in this chapbook.

The experimental narrative is a highly pornographic account of an anonymous researcher's visit to a coastal institute once dedicated to experiential aspects of the Human Potential Movement. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


Sacrificial Object (2023)

A "re-imagining" of Bataille's pivotal Madame Edwarda queered towards the float. Quintessential M Kitchell fiction probing the ideas of sexuality, performance, and the outside.

$24. Oversized, Currently only available within the US.

Motive (2023)

"An exegesis of a practice," an essay exploring how writing and acrobatics tread the same territory in my hunt for the outside.


Trembling Verticality (2023)
Photographs by M Kitchell plus an unauthorized translation by Xxxxxxx Xxxx. IYKYK.


Engima Strategy + Insitute Archive (2022)

Chapbook archiving no-longer-extant twitter account plus the full book, released by Inside the Castle in 2022. Book alone is also available from Asterism. Contact me at the address above if interested.


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