Void Editions is the publishing leg of M Kitchell's praxis. It is related to, but not a part of, Solar Luxuriance. Void Editions is focused on printing limited edition book-works that are suitable for publication neither in journals nor as fragments of print books—rather, Void Editions focuses on chap-book length content that deserves to stand alone. Currently Void Edition titles are only shipping to the US. This will change in the future.

Black Sun Void Hunt, Issue One
Institute for Erotic Vertigo

First issue of the sporadic publication from the Institute for Erotic Vertigo. Completed in November of 2015 and held privately until April, 2016. Contains image-based altars, text pieces, secret exegeses, and labyrinthine end papers.

"An exploration of the void found in the black sun, an exploration through words & images, the combinatory effects of one object speaking to another. Sexuality is its own void & as a limit it is the first that must be traversed. Language can only be transcendent when it fails. There is no escape from the black sun..."

$7.00 shipped
28 Pages
Edition of 50
Riso printed in Black, Red, Blue & Green

M Kitchell

Island is the central book in a privately released trilogy (paired with Dim Dead Boy and Limitlessness, both no longer available), which explores themes and tangents begun in Forest Wound. Taking place upon the spatial limit-text of an imagined Farallon Islands, narrative presents the quest of a man following an other but fated to encounter only himself.

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$15.00 shipped
64 Pages
Edition of 50
Interiors Riso-printed in Black and Blue on tan archival paper
Covers Riso-printed Blue on various Arches Paper
Spiral Bound

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Numinous Experience
M Kitchell

29 dreams from 2010-2015. "Which is to say, this is an archive, or collection, of all record I could find throughout the ephemeral nature of Twitter, in which I recorded, or at least noted elements of, dreams I had had the night before, or dreams I remembered. There was no specific importance considered, only the idea of keeping track." Copies are yellowed in the light of the California sun, as this light is also the same light that interrupts the dreamstate.

$6.00 shipped
40 Pages
Edition of 25
2-Color Riso printed on newsprint

Void Editions Archive 3-Pack
M Kitchell

Includes the following:

Archive 001: Dour Rectum
A long-form poem that explores the absence of modern living, filtered through a contemporary urban environment. Total discontent meets the desperate imagination of late-capitalism.

Archive 002: Memoir: Death Spasm of the Sun
"M. Kitchell's Memoir: Death Spasm of the Sun is probably the closest thing I've read to J.G. Ballard's work — a visionary amoral tale of the hyper-wealthy in an alternate future."
—Jeff Jackson, author of Mira Corpora

Archive 003: Forest Wound
Narrative hybrid constructed out of a sequenced series of images: the forest. Prose-like blocks alternate with the sparseness of a text that is incapable of communicating the impossible non-knowledge that experience acquires. Inside: the man gets lost in the forest / the man's concept of self dissolves into the night / the man encounters the ritual of the loggers (the men line up and cover one another's eyes) / the man recovers from his death, a stone speaks as GOD / the worm, the hole, the day.

$20.00 Shipped
24 + 24 + 20 Pages
4-Color Riso printed on vintage archival paper

Further Beneath the Earth
M Kitchell

Poetry collection written in tangent with the unpublished The Unknowable Void of Night. Includes handmade paper endsheets.

$10.00 Shipped
20 Pages
Edition of 20
Inkjet-printed covers on Arches paper
Laser-printed interior on vintage archival paper